SIM only deals can help reduce the cost of your mobile phone bills

Save money with a SIM only deal

You can’t help notice the tightening up of belts in recent times and yes, the first items to be slashed are considered luxury items. Mobile phone bills are dubious in this respect, no longer considered a luxury and more commonly a necessity – how can we reduce the bill without reducing our talk time.  Yep, you’ve read my mind, ‘Sim only deals’ is your answer! No need to slash those conversations or reduce data downloads on mobiles as SIM only provide perfect deals for everyone, whether you’re a texter or a talker or both.  Recently Bill monitor had analysed 28,417 phone bills and made a comparison of how much each person was actually using.

Network providers usually charge for paper billing, and usually say it’s free to check on-line but how many of us ever do this? Not many people I know even remember how to do it. However now may be the time to change the habit of a lifetime and actually check what you are charged for on your bills.

We as humans perceive ourselves to be using more than we actually do. It works both ways, we either over estimate how much we’ll use or underestimate this. Moreover both ways lead to us as consumers paying more than we should be. Still unsure of how much you actually use? Luckily this is not difficult to find out, you can call your network provider and they can tell you exactly how much you spend talking, texting and also how much data you use.

It makes sense to go for SIM only deals if your contract is up or if you are paying too much in top-ups or you don’t regularly check your bills.  If you are PAYG phone user you can easily convert to a SIM only deal if your usage has increased. If you find that you are continually topping up or purchasing larger denomination of top-up more often, you can certainly get better deals with a SIM only contract.

Here are some of the benefits of SIM only deals

  • No long contracts, terminate by giving 30 days notice
  • Keep your existing number
  • Easily switch to different network provider
  • Keep your existing handset
  • Get better deal on the mobile plans

Most users only use a fraction of the features of their phones and some are baffled by new technology, like the set top box you can never figure out how to get it to record a scheduled programme. Why not reuse that old handset and save hundreds by switching now.

It is up to you to make the change and get a better deal and save money too boot as the networks are happy to take your money and not offer you the best deals.

3 Mobile offer competitive and unique SIM only deals

Three mobile offer very competitive SIM only deals.  With 3 SIM only The One plan includes unlimited data in the tariff. For smarthphone users this is great bonus as they dont have to worry about exceeding bandwidth, there is also the added benefit of the inclusion of free tethering.

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