Apple IPAD 3 SIM only Review

Finally, Apple has introduced iPad 3 in the market. iPad 3 has a marvellous 1GHz dual-core A5X CPU processor with quad-core on chip graphics which is really fast and it surely delivers an outstanding performance. The RAM has doubled than its predecessor from 512MB to 1GB and has an optional built-in storage from 16GB up to 64Gb on both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 4G models, which makes it perfect to go with iPad 3 SIM only deals.

iPad SIM only

There are also lots of enhancements done in the colour saturation for more accurate and vivid images with its superlative 9.7-inch retina LED-backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch display with IPS technology in a screen of 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution conveying an amazing for a tablet pixel density of 264 ppi. With its retina display, this means the pixels are so tightly packed with its pin-sharp images making the screen just so clean and clear. This makes it ideal for browsing the Internet and watching your favourite videos online.

The IPad 3 is a very impressive device. It is not just a tablet, it is almost a computer. So you should take advantage of its features especially its Internet capabilities. Avail of an iPad 3 SIM only contract that will give you as much as 10GB for £15 with Three Mobile for you to maximize its benefits and enjoy its features. This plan will give you the capability and freedom to download the data that you need one of the best plans you could possibly get from a network.

An iPad 3 SIM only plan or pay as you go plan can be very affordable so it is highly recommended for the 3rd generation iPad because you can get pay-as-you-go plans from as low as £2 daily for 200MB data from Orange to 10GB for £15 for a 30 day contract with Three. There are also flexible deals to choose in between these rates. Its tariff will surely fit your limited budget if you are looking for the cheaper option but provide maximum fun with your shiny new iPad 3.

Have a look at the latest iPad and iPad 3 SIM only deals for your Wi-Fi + 4G model. At this moment the 4G speeds are not available in the UK but if you travel to the U.S. you can connect to networks there by acquiring a local carrier SIM.

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