SIM only deals on the rise as reported by Ofcom

Ofcom the UK telecommunications regulator has released its 6th comparative data on the UK’s mobile sector.  Some of the data that they look at in the report are usage, signups and prices. Most of the report focuses on data collected from Western European countries.

Ofcom have reported the increase and availability of SIM only deals has reduced prices for mobiles.  Further to this in Q1 of 2011 that one in five new contracts were SIM only deals.  At we have also seen an increase in traffic due to the interest in SIM only types of contracts.

ofcomSIM only contracts have been increasing in popularity since they were released.  These contracts are provided without a handset, and the consumer receives just a SIM card to be used with their own phone.  This ultimately reduces the cost of the tariff with better inclusive rates for talk minutes, SMS texts and mobile data.

International Communications Market Report from Ofcom also found that the UK was one of the cheapest for high usage voice calls.  In order to have benefited from this package you would have needed to have signed up to a twelve months SIM only deal at £15 per month.

With demand for SIM only contracts growing, UK networks are updating their SIM only packages to stay competitive.  We have already seen this year  telecommunication providers changing their tariffs and prices to better accommodate mobile consumer’s needs.  In the coming New Year we expect to see some of the best SIM only deals for 2012 from UK networks.

The reports key point also states that smartphone signups in the UK was higher when compared to five of the other largest European economies.  With increasing uptake of smartphones more consumers are choosing smartphones as they are now getting cheaper and more widely available.  SIM only deals with inclusive data will be more relevant for smartphone mobile users who also like to be connected to social networks and stay online.

Three Mobiles The One Plan currently includes unlimited data for £25 per month.  This deal has been reduced from a twelve months contract to a thirty day rolling contract.  Orange mobile has also changed their Dolphin SIM only package which comprised of just the one tariff previously.   It is now available for both twelve months and one month deals with unlimited texts and set MB of data to choose from.  We expect to see greater choice and cheaper prices for SIM only deals in 2012 with better offers available from all UK providers.

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