Review of SIM Only Deals for 2011

Sales of SIM only deals have seen promising start to the beginning of 2011. We have seen some exciting deals from all major UK networks. There have also been some reversals of features available on tariffs, to the loss of UK consumers. We also look at some of the current best SIM only deals for 2011 that are available.

mobile networks ukWe start of with the explosion of smart phones being made available. With both cheap and expensive Android phones on the market, data usage is must to have with any of these types of mobile phones including iPhones.

The first mobile network we look at is Three mobile. The One Plan from Three mobile is the clear winner here with unlimited data. This plan gives you piece of mind browsing together with 2000 minutes of calls. We have seen recently with The One Plan change from a 12 month tariff to a 30 day rolling contract. This change should see a lot more uptake from consumers sitting on the fence because of the previous long contract.

O2 have also made a significant change this year too, by the addition of different data packages to all O2 Simplicity deals. The following packages are now available to add with their O2 Simplicity SIM only deals.

  • The Basics – additional 100MB
  • The All-Rounder – additional 500MB and unlimited UK Wi-Fi plus 20 MMS
  • The Works – additional 1GB data, Unlimited UK Wi-Fi plus 50 MMS

Besides this change, tethering is now included with all data allowances. Our clear favourite is the 12 month plans, which offer more cross network minutes. Applying for the deal from their website is also far clearer and easier. O2 have also offered £50 high street vouchers and Amazon vouchers to sign-ups on their 12 month deals.

T-Mobile downgraded their available data allowance from 1GB to 500MB, as of February this year on their flexible booster add-on. This caused bit of stir with their customers. Nevertheless T-Mobile offer great value contracts and we hope that they bring out a truly unlimited deal to compete with Three Mobiles, The One Plan.

Vodafone are clearly looking to capture many consumers with fantastic deals. We have seen tariffs that offer free mobiles with 12 month deals and voucher codes to get 3 months half price line rental. Vodafone appear to have the best SIM only deals in the mid range tariffs with competitive pricing and features.

Our surprise cheap SIM only offering is from Talkmobile, although they have increased the price now to £8 from £5 on their cheapest deal. This deal is now available with 200 minutes and 500 texts on a 30 day contract, with those on a budget.

With greater variety of plans and features available, most will find a tariff that suits their mobile usage needs. Switching to SIM only is certainly an option for phone users looking to save, as there are now more competitively priced offers available.

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