O2 Simplicity Tariffs Now Simpler

New revised O2 Simplicity tariffs with free tethering

new revised O2 tariffs

O2 have announced updated SIM only tariffs giving you more choices of data allowance, now making them far more flexible.  This is a welcome change as more mobile users require data access on their phones.  O2 have stated in their blog that 70% of new sign-ups choose to go for a Smartphone.  They have also included internet tethering with the new revised tariffs.

What are the data bolt ons that are available?

If you choose to add the data allowance in your simplicity tariffs or pay monthly tariffs, O2 have made available the following three packages on top of the price of the plan.  These are 100MB for £3, 500MB for £6 and 1GB data allowance for £10.

“The Basics”, you get 100MB for £3, this is ideally suited for light users.

“The All-Rounder”, you get 500MB, unlimited UK Wi-Fi (BT Openzone and The Cloud) and 20 MMS.  This is for medium users requiring web data with the added extra of unlimited Wi-Fi and 20 MMS.

“The Works”, you get 1GB data.  This is for heavy data users with Unlimited UK Wi-Fi and 50 MMS.  This is for Smartphone users who may also want to tether their phone.

For Smartphone and iPhone plans you are required to add at least on of the above data allowances.  You can further add a monthly extra data top up bolt on for £10 which gives an extra 1GB.

Can I now tether for free?

Tethering is now included in all of the available data allowances.  Previously this was a chargeable bolt on.  Tethering allows your phone to act as modem for your other Wi-Fi \ Bluetooth enabled devices or you can use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in your iPhone or Android phone.  The tethering feature can further keep costs down as you won’t necessarily need an additional data tariff on your other devices.

Visit our O2 Simplicity page for the latest simplified O2 tariffs and let us know what you think of the new price plans and the included free tethering.

3 Mobile To Offer iPad 2 SIM only data plans and iPad 2 On Monthly Contract

Update iPad 2 SIM only deals now here

3 sim only data plan on ipad 2Three Mobile have announced in their press release that they will soon be offering the iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G on contract.  They will also offer SIM only data plans.

View all network iPad SIM only deals >> iPad SIM only deals <<


View the latest updated iPad 2 SIM only deals available from 3 Mobile.

Micro-SIM only

30 days rolling contract
10 GB£15ipad 2 sim only
Pay As You Go + 3

3 months
3 GB£20.99ipad 2 sim only
Pay As You Go + 1

30 days rolling contract
1 GB£10.49ipad 2 sim only
Micro-SIM only

30 day rolling contract
1 GB£7.50ipad 2 sim only


So how does the iPad 2 compare to the original iPad?

ipad 2 with smart covers

  • The iPad 2 is lighter

The iPad is both lighter and thinner than the original iPad.  According to Apple it is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad.  Although from experience people who have never held an iPad, it may feel heavy at first but you do get used to the weight.  With my original iPad the first comment I usually get is that it feels heavy however with the new version being lighter, this will be less of an issue and feel more natural to hold.

  • New Smart Covers

The new iPad smart covers have magnets which allow it to cover the front of the iPad.  Magnets are built into the frame of the iPad allowing the smart cover to align to it.  The smart covers are foldable either to use the iPad as a stand or foldable to allow for more comfortable typing.   They are available in different colours to match your colour preference.  The smart covers can be used to switch the iPad on or off as the iPad uses the built in sensors to detect this.

  • Faster Processor

The iPad 2 comes with Dual-core A4 chip clocked at 1GHz.  With two powerful cores the iPad should feel much faster in Apples IOS operating system.  For browsing, gaming and watching movies you should see a significant boost in performance although Apple is unlikely to support Flash playback anytime soon.  The iPad has double the ram from 256MB to 512MB which contributes to the performance in multitasking and in Apps.

  • Two Cameras

The iPad 2 comes with two cameras one front facing and one at the rear.  The cameras are designed for Facetime video calling.  You can even use the rear camera during Facetime calls to show your surroundings.  The rear camera can also be used to record video in HD, so you can capture important moments and to take pictures.  The rear camera is capable of capturing video at 720p HD.

  • The iPad 2 Comes In Two Versions and Two Colours

The iPad will come in two flavours, iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G the same two options as with the original iPad release.   The iPads will have different configuration of storage ram that you can choose from.  Wi-Fi + 3G version uses the mobile network for internet access, you can use it almost anywhere where there is a good 3G mobile network coverage.  The iPad 2 will be available in either white or black enclosures.

Vodafone SIM Only Voucher Codes

Dont miss out on the following Vodafone SIM only voucher codes

Vodafone are offering free mobile handsets when you apply for certain tariffs.  These are a limited time offers so be quick.

Free Nokia C3 pink – When you apply for 12 month SIM only deals of £20 and above

After you have applied enter nokiapink on basket checkout.

Expires 30/09/2011

Free Samsung E2550 –  When you apply for 12 month SIM only deals of £20 and above

Vodafone discount voucher

After you have applied enter FREEE2550 on basket checkout.

Expires 30/09/2011

Free Sony Ericsson Spiro black –  When you apply for 12 month SIM only deals of £20 and above

Vodafone 20 and over sim only offer nokia 6303

After you have applied enter sonyblack on basket checkout.

Expires 30/09/2011


Vodafone are not only content with offering you some great SIM only contracts.  They are now including free handsets on tariffs over £20 on a 12 month contract.  You can either use the SIM with the free phone or give the phone to someone you know who may need it.  Visit here for the best Vodafone SIM only deals.

The free handsets are subject to stock, due to high demand on certain SIM only tariffs.

Please give us your feedback on the handset, if you do manage to grab one of these offers.

18/02/2011 01/04/2011 23:59

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The iPhone SIM Only Revolution

So what is new about a mobile phone SIM only deal… Not much it’s the same old story rehashed, riPhone SIM Only revolutionecycled, retold, regurgitated how many times can we pick up the same story and retell it! Throughout the course of history stories have been retold so why make this any different!

With the fast pace of technology it’s often difficult to keep up with the changes going on. Mobile phones have really picked up pace with a wealth of information at our finger tips, after all we live in the information age. How best can we utilise this and at the same time, keep cost down.

There are many benefits for a SIM only deal, Flexibility of the contract, reduced costs of the tariff – possibly the cheapest on the market, a choice of networks and not to mention Simplicity. What about the mobile handset I hear you ask?

A SIM only deal doesn’t necessarily mean you losing out on a new handset – you can always consider buying the handset separately SIM free. Usually a SIM only deal is much cheaper than buying a phone on contract, as the mobile networks will always try to recoup the cost of the phone with a higher priced tariff. This means for the service you receive, you are paying considerably more.

A SIM only deal can be all inclusive on voice minutes, texts & now more significantly data – as with with The One Plan from 3 SIM only with their all-you-can-eat-data. So what are you waiting for the world is at your fingertips and as always “it’s good to talk”, and cheaper too.

If you are looking to join the revolution, then we have the iPhone SIM only thats right for you.

This article was done in conjunction with our guest poster Firdaus Shaikh, who we wish to thank.

SIM Only Is A Smart Choice In Mobile Contracts

Mobile phones have enriched our lives so much that most can’t do without one.  The latest mobile handsets have so much technology that they are becoming indispensable for the tech savvy consumer.  Phones nowadays have Wi-Fi, 3G network technology and also in the pipeline is NFC (near-field communication) for payments and data transfer.  There is more power in these little device as compared to the CPU’s that took man to the moon.

The mobile providers are constantly offering plans to cover most consumers needs by the way of offering different tariffs.  These are currently Mobile contracts, PAYG (pay as you go) and SIM only deals.

Mobile phone contracts are useful for consumers wanting the latest phones or wanting to start with a new phone.  The networks then also entice their existing customers to upgrade their phone to the latest models on an existing tariff when their contract comes close to completing.

With PAYG phones you can manage your mobile costs better and is an affordable way to own a mobile handset.  PAYG  offers don’t tend to be the latest phones but do have most features typically used.

SIM only contracts is a great way to have all the benefits of a contract phone but with a short term contract.  You can get more minutes, texts and data as the networks don’t have to cover the costs of the handsets.

If you already have a contract phone that is about to come out of your contractual obligation and you are happy with the handset, then a smart choice would be a sim only deal.  If you don’t want the latest and greatest mobile handset and if your usage is primarily calls and texts then over a twelve month period you can make considerable savings,   especially if you have more the one mobile in your household.  I am sure most people can use the extra savings elsewhere with the price of everyday household goods increasing.

Discover the top SIM only deals here and start saving and getting more from your mobile contract.

Bad Credit SIM Only

Bad credit SIM only

If you have a bad credit history and doubt you may not be able to get many of the mobile phone contracts that are available or have already been declined when you have applied for a mobile contract phone.  Then you may want to consider SIM only contracts, as there is less financial risk to the mobile providers as these contracts are on a monthly basis and no expensive handset is supplied with the contract.

Bad credit SIM Only

Reasons for bad credit history

Bad credit history can occur if you have CCJs, unpaid loans, or caused by bankruptcy as these records stay on your credit report for a certain period time and can subsequently give you a low score.  If you have defaulted on your mortgage and missed credit card payments this can also affect your credit score.  People with no credit history will also score poorly as there is no credit history recorded against them, students will be affected in this category.  This is why bad credit mobile contracts are great for parents, for their sons and daughters in colleges and universities.

How to improve your credit history.

One of the many ways to improve your credit history would be to not miss payments and to pay bills on time as this will go a long way to increase your credit score in the future.  It will also help your record if you are able to pay more then the minimum payment each month.  Reducing your existing cards can also help as you will have less debt on it.  Also consider professional financial advice.

If you are looking to get a contract on an existing phone then applying for a SIM only deal is a great way to also improve your trust with the mobile networks as the SIM only contracts are short term, usually on a 30 day rolling contract as bad credit SIM only deals are seen as less risky to the networks.

Benefits of a SIM only deal.

SIM only contract deals gives you more call minutes and texts as compared to a mobile contract phone deals as you are not paying for the mobile handset.  You are also not tied to a long contract of 12 to 18 months.  If you already have a handset that is unlocked to your preferred network you can choose by first checking which mobile network gives you the best network coverage, and then decide the best SIM only deal that suits you, with the type of phone usage you will be making.

T-Mobile and Orange Announce Apple iPad Available On Pay Monthly Plan

The Apple iPad 3G is now available from T-Mobile and Orange.

Just in time for Christmas you can now get the iPad 3G on contract.  The 16GB 3G version on Apples website is £529, if you are looking to get an iPad and want to save on the upfront costs then this offer from T-Mobile and Orange may suit you as long as you sign for a 24 month data plan.


T-Mobile are offering the iPad 3G 16GB for £199 on a 24 month data plan.

T-Mobile Pay Monthly Costs

  • New customers –  iPad Costs £199, £27 per month for 24 months
  • Existing Customers – iPad Costs £199, £25 per month for 24 months

Visit T-Mobile iPad 3G deals.

Orange are also offering the iPad 3G 16GB for £199 on a 24 month data plan to new customers for £27 per month over 24 months with the iPad costing £199. Existing Orange customers can get the same deal for £24.

Orange Pay Monthly Costs

  • New customers –  iPad Costs £199, £27 per month for 24 months
  • Existing Customers – iPad Costs £199, £25 per month for 24 months

If you need the higher memory specification iPad, you an also choose from these models from Orange.

  • 32GB iPad 3G – £249
  • 64GB iPad 3G – £349

Visit Orange iPad 3G deals.

Existing iPad 3G owners without Micro-SIM Cards.

If you already have an iPad 3G and are looking to get a micro-SIM then visit our iPad SIM Only deal page for best deals.

Mobile Network Coverage

Why do I need to check for coverage?

If you are undecided which SIM only deal to sign up for because you are not sure which mobile network provider will give you the best coverage in your daily use.  We have compiled a list of links so that you can easily find the network coverage in your area.  This is for both mobile broadband and cellular calls 3G and 2G.

Finding the right network now will save you time later on trying to find another network that gives you the best coverage.  We cant recommend the best network as there is no ideal network operator that would suit everyone.

How can signal strength affect my mobile use?

Do note that network coverage is dependent on varying factors.

* Distance from the base station as the signal can be weaker the further you are
* Outside weather conditions
* Building materials like stone walls can affect signal strength
* Proximity of other buildings
* Signals will be weaker indoors then outdoors

Which provider coverage have you listed?

All links to the five major network providers are listed O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Three.  T-Mobile and Orange are now sharing their network so you can pick up their signal in more places.

On the listed provider sites you can search by postcode or by town and city and the type of service whether it is GSM, GPRS or 3G.

O2 – O2 network coverage
Vodafone – Vodafone network coverage
Orange – Orange network coverage
Three – Three network coverage
T-Mobile – T-Mobile network coverage

Once you have found the provider that gives you best coverage you can find the best sim only deals here.

Welcome to SIM only deals and contracts

At SimOnlyDealsAndContracts.co.uk we have launched our blog site to better bring you the best deals and reviews available.  The mobile network providers in the UK are regularly updating their SIM only offerings,  this can be from price changes in current deals to special offers, such as a free handset.  Our aim of this site is to not only bring you the latest deals but to also inform you of reviews and deals together with the benefits of a SIM only contract.

If you have an old phone or one that is out of contract a SIM only deal would be a great way to save money on a short term contract.  If you are not sure of your requirements then have a look at our best sim only deals page.  You can select the appropriate tariff which may suit you unless you have specific budget then you can compare by price.

Check back regularly as deals are constantly changing and find yourself the right SIM only plan.