O2 Simplicity Tariffs Now Simpler

New revised O2 Simplicity tariffs with free tethering

new revised O2 tariffs

O2 have announced updated SIM only tariffs giving you more choices of data allowance, now making them far more flexible.  This is a welcome change as more mobile users require data access on their phones.  O2 have stated in their blog that 70% of new sign-ups choose to go for a Smartphone.  They have also included internet tethering with the new revised tariffs.

What are the data bolt ons that are available?

If you choose to add the data allowance in your simplicity tariffs or pay monthly tariffs, O2 have made available the following three packages on top of the price of the plan.  These are 100MB for £3, 500MB for £6 and 1GB data allowance for £10.

“The Basics”, you get 100MB for £3, this is ideally suited for light users.

“The All-Rounder”, you get 500MB, unlimited UK Wi-Fi (BT Openzone and The Cloud) and 20 MMS.  This is for medium users requiring web data with the added extra of unlimited Wi-Fi and 20 MMS.

“The Works”, you get 1GB data.  This is for heavy data users with Unlimited UK Wi-Fi and 50 MMS.  This is for Smartphone users who may also want to tether their phone.

For Smartphone and iPhone plans you are required to add at least on of the above data allowances.  You can further add a monthly extra data top up bolt on for £10 which gives an extra 1GB.

Can I now tether for free?

Tethering is now included in all of the available data allowances.  Previously this was a chargeable bolt on.  Tethering allows your phone to act as modem for your other Wi-Fi \ Bluetooth enabled devices or you can use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in your iPhone or Android phone.  The tethering feature can further keep costs down as you won’t necessarily need an additional data tariff on your other devices.

Visit our O2 Simplicity page for the latest simplified O2 tariffs and let us know what you think of the new price plans and the included free tethering.

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