O2 International Extras Add Additional countries To International SIM only calling

Calling countries not listed in O2 International Favourites bolt on

There is a new service from O2 called International Extras. Currently O2’s International Favourites (bolt on) does not include calling to certain countries. These countries are listed below.  If you are an existing O2 customer you can now take advantage of calling friends and families abroad from your O2 mobile.

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Nigeria
  • Iraq
  • Ghana
  • Bulgaria

Can I call both landlines and mobiles with O2 International Extras?

You can call both landlines and mobiles to the above countries, as other international plans are specific whether you can call a mobile number.  To be able to receive this service you are required to send a premium text to O2 with the amount of calls that you require.  For example if you wanted to spend £5 calling Bangladesh,  you would text Bangladesh5 to 80282 this would entitle you to receive 125 minutes. You are charged either £5 or £10 depending on what you have chosen.  You will need to of course ensure that you have credits available before sending the text.  You have to make the calls within 30 days as the minutes do not roll over.

CountryCost £5Cost £10
Pakistan100 minutes
Text country keyword:
Pakistan5 to 80282
210 minutes
Text country keyword:
Pakistan10 to 80282
Sri Lanka50 minutes
Text country keyword:
SriLanka5 to 80282
You get 120 minutes
Text country keyword:
SriLanka10 to 80282
Bangladesh125 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bangladesh5 to 80282
260 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bangladesh10 to 80282
Nigeria60 minutes
Text country keyword:
Nigeria5 to 80282
130 minutes
Text country keyword:
Nigeria10 to 80282
Iraq40 minutes
Text country keyword:
Iraq5 to 80282
100 minutes
Text country keyword:
Iraq10 to 80282
Ghana25 minutes
Text country keyword:
Ghana5 to 80282
55 minutes
Text country keyword:
Ghana10 to 80282
Bulgaria15 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bulgaria5 to 80282
35 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bulgaria10 to 80282

(Special promotion of double minutes are available for limited time to all countries listed)

What If I do not have a O2 mobile phone with contract?

Further international SIM only deals are available here if you are not currently with O2.  Making international calls is now available from other UK networks too.  Vodafone, Three Mobile, Orange and Talkmobile and Tmobile have international SIM only plans available so that you can call abroad.

Can I make international calls with my O2 Simplicity plan to other countries?

If your country is not listed above then you can add the O2 International Favourite bolt on and receive up to 3000 minutes of calls to three land line numbers around the world for £10.21 or call five numbers for £20.42 and also receive additional 200 minutes of calls to mobiles to your five international destinations.

O2 have 60 destinations that you can call with International Favourites.  Select the O2 SIM only deal of your choice and add the International Favourite to your tariff.




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