Mobile Network Coverage

Why do I need to check for coverage?

If you are undecided which SIM only deal to sign up for because you are not sure which mobile network provider will give you the best coverage in your daily use.  We have compiled a list of links so that you can easily find the network coverage in your area.  This is for both mobile broadband and cellular calls 3G and 2G.

Finding the right network now will save you time later on trying to find another network that gives you the best coverage.  We cant recommend the best network as there is no ideal network operator that would suit everyone.

How can signal strength affect my mobile use?

Do note that network coverage is dependent on varying factors.

* Distance from the base station as the signal can be weaker the further you are
* Outside weather conditions
* Building materials like stone walls can affect signal strength
* Proximity of other buildings
* Signals will be weaker indoors then outdoors

Which provider coverage have you listed?

All links to the five major network providers are listed O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Three.  T-Mobile and Orange are now sharing their network so you can pick up their signal in more places.

On the listed provider sites you can search by postcode or by town and city and the type of service whether it is GSM, GPRS or 3G.

O2 – O2 network coverage
Vodafone – Vodafone network coverage
Orange – Orange network coverage
Three – Three network coverage
T-Mobile – T-Mobile network coverage

Once you have found the provider that gives you best coverage you can find the best sim only deals here.

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