iPhone 4S SIM only – iPhone 4S SIM only deals from 3 Orange O2 T Mobile Vodafone

iphone 4S SIM only dealsThere has been huge expectation from Apple as many fans around the world were waiting to hear the announcement from Apple regarding the release of the new iPhone 5 but what Apple Inc. gave us is the impressive iPhone 4S instead. I guess Apple will make us wait a little longer for the iPhone 5. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market giving it number one customer satisfaction for smartphones. The new model can now soon be purchased from UK networks. The options available are contract phones, pay and you go and SIM free phones for which iPhone 4S SIM only deals will be available. The iPhone 4S uses a micro SIM which is the same as the iPhone 4.

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3 Mobile SIM onlyThree mobile offers the best iPhone 4S plans with unlimited internet. 3 The One Plan includes 2000 minutes - 3000 texts and all you can eat data for £25
Vodafone SIM onlyChoose a tariff with 250MB to 1GB of mobile browsing for the iPhone 4S. Deals are available from 30 days to 12 month contracts. You also get 750MB of BT OpenZone Wi-Fi access.
Orange SIM onlyThe Orange Dolphin package for £25 gives you 600 minutes and unlimited texts together with unlimited Wi-Fi, you also get Orange Magic Numbers.
O2 SIM onlyO2 iPhone 4S SIM only deals are available with different data packages to fit your need. With the 12 month deals you can even get £5 off per month.

Here are the latest features of the iPhone 4S


There are hundreds of features available in the iOS 5 operating system many of which were tested by the Apple developers early on. Most notable features are the unobtrusive notifications, which allow you to continue to work or play. All notifications can also be pulled up with one swipe now. iMessage which supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. iMessage allows you to send unlimited text messages using Wi-Fi or 3G and also send documents, videos and contacts.

The iCloud Service

iCloud allows the synchronisation of your content across multiple mobile Apple devices including the Mac. This can be from documents to pictures, contacts and your music files. This is done via Apple’s remote servers. Mobile devices no longer have to be connected to a Mac to sync your files and they are seamlessly copied to other devices using Apples cloud service.

Intelligent Assistant

Using technology Apple acquired from Siri in 2010. Apple now has voice integration with the iPhone. You are able to search the web and find services using voice commands.  In their demonstration you can find local restaurants and you can even reply to texts and schedule appointments. The personal assistant is proactive and will help you find the right answers and complete tasks that you want to accomplish. This is a hands free technology that will really set Apple apart from the competition and is one of the showcase features of the iPhone 4S.


The iPhone 4S uses the same external design as the iPhone 4 but inside it contains a powerful A5 chip which contains a dual core processor. According to Apple it is twice as fast and seven times faster in graphic operations compared to the iPhone 4. This should see faster and smoother games.

For those that our looking to buy the iPhone out of contract iPhone 4S SIM only deals will be available from UK mobile networks. With iPhone 4S SIM only you get short contract lengths and networks like 3 Mobile offer unlimited data on The One Plan.  The same plans for the iPhone 4 will be suitable for iPhone 4S.

World Phone

The iPhone 4S is a world phone, it is designed for both GSM and CDMA networks which mean the iPhone can be used globally. For the business user and those that travel abroad to different destinations this is beneficial as they will not require two phones as they go from GSM networks which are primarily in Europe to CDMA networks which are found in Africa, Asia and in some regions of the US. For international SIM only users or pre paid users they can go to any country and buy a SIM card and not worry that the SIM will not work. By getting a local SIM card they can avoid roaming charges as they will only pay the local network rate for calling abroad.

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