Business mobile tariffs help to reduce expenditure and provide greater flexibility when you choose business mobile phone plans

Can choosing the right business mobile tariff help reduce costs?

When you start up a business you have to make many decisions which set the course of your future business.  One item, which is both essential and necessary in this technological environment, is the humble phone, whether it is a fixed phone or a mobile.  The mobile phone allows you to call your contacts, arrange meetings, and when necessary look at the web for information that you may require.  You must therefore consider choosing the right tariff for your business mobile needs.  Making the right choices early on can helping reduce costs if you are a new start up and ensure your business survives in this competitive environment.

I have many short term contract employees, what plans should I be looking at?

If you are running a business where your staff turnover is high or you may have many temporary employees that require a phone plan.  The ideal solution would be to a get business SIM only deal.  These deals are short contracts that you can cancel by giving a 30 day notice.

Should I go for a new business mobile contract?

t-mobile business mobile sim onlyIf you do not already have handsets that you can apply for a business SIM only deal. Our best suggestion is to go for a T-mobile business contract with handset.  T-mobile in their research has found that SME prefer not to be bound by long term contracts.  It makes more sense to have shorter contracts that are more flexible for small businesses.

T-Mobile is also the first to bring out a six months business plan with a free phone.  The mobile handset can also be upgraded after the initial 6 month contract period for a newer model.  Plans are also available in 18 month and 24 month contracts giving you greater flexibility and choice.

What options do I have in the tariff?

When choosing the right business plan you also get a choice of inclusive add on from the networks.  T-Mobile have named their add on Flexible boosters and O2 have named them Bolt ons.  The choice of add on that you choose will give you extra on top of the feature of the allowance.  If your tariff has a standard 250 texts, with the inclusive text add on you can boost that to 3000 texts.  These can generally be changed on a monthly basis to the requirements of you business needs.  Other add on can also be included in your tariff at extra cost.  Alternatively you can also try Vodafone Business tariffs.

Grow your business by reducing expenditure

Small to medium businesses now have a greater flexibility in the choice on contracts that they wish to go for, thanks to the mobile networks listening to the needs of their customers.  As the mobile network operators continually change tariffs you can easily switch to another network once you have given your notice period.  Business SIM only deals are advantageous as businesses can save costs from the start and have the flexibility to change allowances as the business needs change.

Feel free to leave a comment, as to which business mobile tariffs you opted for in your business.



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    I really empathize with your perspective on these issues. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us. Are there similar articles like this one?

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