3 Mobile To Offer iPad 2 SIM only data plans and iPad 2 On Monthly Contract

Update iPad 2 SIM only deals now here

3 sim only data plan on ipad 2Three Mobile have announced in their press release that they will soon be offering the iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G on contract.  They will also offer SIM only data plans.

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View the latest updated iPad 2 SIM only deals available from 3 Mobile.

Micro-SIM only

30 days rolling contract
10 GB£15ipad 2 sim only
Pay As You Go + 3

3 months
3 GB£20.99ipad 2 sim only
Pay As You Go + 1

30 days rolling contract
1 GB£10.49ipad 2 sim only
Micro-SIM only

30 day rolling contract
1 GB£7.50ipad 2 sim only


So how does the iPad 2 compare to the original iPad?

ipad 2 with smart covers

  • The iPad 2 is lighter

The iPad is both lighter and thinner than the original iPad.  According to Apple it is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad.  Although from experience people who have never held an iPad, it may feel heavy at first but you do get used to the weight.  With my original iPad the first comment I usually get is that it feels heavy however with the new version being lighter, this will be less of an issue and feel more natural to hold.

  • New Smart Covers

The new iPad smart covers have magnets which allow it to cover the front of the iPad.  Magnets are built into the frame of the iPad allowing the smart cover to align to it.  The smart covers are foldable either to use the iPad as a stand or foldable to allow for more comfortable typing.   They are available in different colours to match your colour preference.  The smart covers can be used to switch the iPad on or off as the iPad uses the built in sensors to detect this.

  • Faster Processor

The iPad 2 comes with Dual-core A4 chip clocked at 1GHz.  With two powerful cores the iPad should feel much faster in Apples IOS operating system.  For browsing, gaming and watching movies you should see a significant boost in performance although Apple is unlikely to support Flash playback anytime soon.  The iPad has double the ram from 256MB to 512MB which contributes to the performance in multitasking and in Apps.

  • Two Cameras

The iPad 2 comes with two cameras one front facing and one at the rear.  The cameras are designed for Facetime video calling.  You can even use the rear camera during Facetime calls to show your surroundings.  The rear camera can also be used to record video in HD, so you can capture important moments and to take pictures.  The rear camera is capable of capturing video at 720p HD.

  • The iPad 2 Comes In Two Versions and Two Colours

The iPad will come in two flavours, iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G the same two options as with the original iPad release.   The iPads will have different configuration of storage ram that you can choose from.  Wi-Fi + 3G version uses the mobile network for internet access, you can use it almost anywhere where there is a good 3G mobile network coverage.  The iPad 2 will be available in either white or black enclosures.

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