Apple IPAD 3 SIM only Review

Finally, Apple has introduced iPad 3 in the market. iPad 3 has a marvellous 1GHz dual-core A5X CPU processor with quad-core on chip graphics which is really fast and it surely delivers an outstanding performance. The RAM has doubled than its predecessor from 512MB to 1GB and has an optional built-in storage from 16GB up to 64Gb on both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 4G models, which makes it perfect to go with iPad 3 SIM only deals.

iPad SIM only

There are also lots of enhancements done in the colour saturation for more accurate and vivid images with its superlative 9.7-inch retina LED-backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch display with IPS technology in a screen of 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution conveying an amazing for a tablet pixel density of 264 ppi. With its retina display, this means the pixels are so tightly packed with its pin-sharp images making the screen just so clean and clear. This makes it ideal for browsing the Internet and watching your favourite videos online.

The IPad 3 is a very impressive device. It is not just a tablet, it is almost a computer. So you should take advantage of its features especially its Internet capabilities. Avail of an iPad 3 SIM only contract that will give you as much as 10GB for £15 with Three Mobile for you to maximize its benefits and enjoy its features. This plan will give you the capability and freedom to download the data that you need one of the best plans you could possibly get from a network.

An iPad 3 SIM only plan or pay as you go plan can be very affordable so it is highly recommended for the 3rd generation iPad because you can get pay-as-you-go plans from as low as £2 daily for 200MB data from Orange to 10GB for £15 for a 30 day contract with Three. There are also flexible deals to choose in between these rates. Its tariff will surely fit your limited budget if you are looking for the cheaper option but provide maximum fun with your shiny new iPad 3.

Have a look at the latest iPad and iPad 3 SIM only deals for your Wi-Fi + 4G model. At this moment the 4G speeds are not available in the UK but if you travel to the U.S. you can connect to networks there by acquiring a local carrier SIM.

Blackberry Torch 9810 Review

The 9810 is a newer version of its sibling the Blackberry Torch 9800.  The dimensions are the same as 9800 and you will find that the various accessories will work with revamped 9810.  It comes with an updates system OS 7.  If you are familiar with OS 6 then you will not be lost as the navigation is very similar.

The 1270 mAh removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good since it can last longer than a day and can make you maximize the power of your phone but when you use a high battery consuming apps, it doesn’t really get simply drained but could alarm you to get it charged.

Surely, it offers an implausible multi-media experience empowered by 8GB memory with 768MB RAM and expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card, you’ll be mesmerized on how this phone takes you to infinite captivity of pictures, videos and movies that you can take to anywhere you go.

Blackberry torch 9810 can wave a big salute to its 7 OS and 1.2GHz processor that has advanced to deliver a smoother and faster multimedia experience in browsing, socializing and gaming at blazing fast speed breakthrough technologies.

One amazing feature of this phone that I truly appreciate since I use this as a personal phone is that it connects you the way you want with high speed HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to manage your connections by letting you enable or disable the wi-fi connection including the mobile network and Bluetooth. This works best if you need your phone’s applications running but don’t want calls and text messages to disturb you especially during sleep or during relaxation time.

I’m able to manage a lot of songs and movies in this device since it has a very good sound quality. It presents an impressive music and video sounds with its 3.5mm stereo headset jack and built-in speakerphone.

The Blackberry Torch can be purchased SIM free with the option of choosing Blackberry SIM only deals available.  T-Mobile currently offers free BBM with any of their SIM only plans with internet.  Other providers offer Blackberry SIM only too but have an additional charge.

Talk More With Talk Mobile SIM Only Deals

There are plenty of inexpensive SIM only deals available and Talk Mobile seem to offer deals that are within budget of certain mobile users that are looking for the perfect deal within their price range. They are one of very few providers that offer deals for under £10. Their £8 Talk Mobile SIM only deal offers the following tariff, which is an outstanding deal for the price conscious.

Talk Mobile SIMple £8 1 month

– 200 minutes
– 500 SMS Texts
– 500 MB data

Choose from Six Months SIM only Deals

They are also the only provider that we know of that offers 6 Months SIM only deals. This flexibility is best suited for business users for their staff or short stay UK visitors. After the six months you can cancel the agreement from Talk Mobile with no penalty. The six months package offers more minutes and texts and offers more of a bargain. These are also some of the cheapest Smartphone SIM only deals available.

Talk Mobile SIMple £12 6 months

– 600
– 3000
– 750 MB data

Talk Mobile SIM only

Talk Mobile operates on the Vodafone network. Vodafone is one of the largest operators in the UK with a huge customer base. Network coverage is 98% of the UK population. With Talk Mobile you will get coverage across the UK using the Vodafone network.

What is SIM Only?

If you would prefer to keep your mobile and do not wish to change it or that a new mobile contract may exceed your financial budget. SIM only offers you independence to maintain your aged phone with the current SIM only deals on offer. These kinds of packages allows you to purchase the SIM card deals of your choosing from any provider to benefit your calling needs at reduced costs.

Choose from UK Comparison Websites

There are many user friendly web sites available where you can find the numerous best SIM only deals available without you having to leave your home. Currently a huge selection of deals are available from UK networks including T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Three and Talk Mobile SIM only deals to choose from. All offering a variety of minutes and text messages with short agreements. If you would like to consider plans that do not tie you to a provider, agreements from one month are readily available from all UK networks.

These deals offer an alternative option which are more affordable then your typical contract deals with mobiles as you do not get a handset with a SIM only deal. Many Mobile users prefer this option and subscription to SIM only deals have seen a big raise due to their affordability and flexibility.

This is a guest post by Karim, he often writes for Karim is a technology enthusiast sharing his thoughts on the latest trends in mobile technology and is currently writing about Talk Mobile SIM only deals.

SIM only deals on the rise as reported by Ofcom

Ofcom the UK telecommunications regulator has released its 6th comparative data on the UK’s mobile sector.  Some of the data that they look at in the report are usage, signups and prices. Most of the report focuses on data collected from Western European countries.

Ofcom have reported the increase and availability of SIM only deals has reduced prices for mobiles.  Further to this in Q1 of 2011 that one in five new contracts were SIM only deals.  At we have also seen an increase in traffic due to the interest in SIM only types of contracts.

ofcomSIM only contracts have been increasing in popularity since they were released.  These contracts are provided without a handset, and the consumer receives just a SIM card to be used with their own phone.  This ultimately reduces the cost of the tariff with better inclusive rates for talk minutes, SMS texts and mobile data.

International Communications Market Report from Ofcom also found that the UK was one of the cheapest for high usage voice calls.  In order to have benefited from this package you would have needed to have signed up to a twelve months SIM only deal at £15 per month.

With demand for SIM only contracts growing, UK networks are updating their SIM only packages to stay competitive.  We have already seen this year  telecommunication providers changing their tariffs and prices to better accommodate mobile consumer’s needs.  In the coming New Year we expect to see some of the best SIM only deals for 2012 from UK networks.

The reports key point also states that smartphone signups in the UK was higher when compared to five of the other largest European economies.  With increasing uptake of smartphones more consumers are choosing smartphones as they are now getting cheaper and more widely available.  SIM only deals with inclusive data will be more relevant for smartphone mobile users who also like to be connected to social networks and stay online.

Three Mobiles The One Plan currently includes unlimited data for £25 per month.  This deal has been reduced from a twelve months contract to a thirty day rolling contract.  Orange mobile has also changed their Dolphin SIM only package which comprised of just the one tariff previously.   It is now available for both twelve months and one month deals with unlimited texts and set MB of data to choose from.  We expect to see greater choice and cheaper prices for SIM only deals in 2012 with better offers available from all UK providers.

iPhone 4S SIM only – iPhone 4S SIM only deals from 3 Orange O2 T Mobile Vodafone

iphone 4S SIM only dealsThere has been huge expectation from Apple as many fans around the world were waiting to hear the announcement from Apple regarding the release of the new iPhone 5 but what Apple Inc. gave us is the impressive iPhone 4S instead. I guess Apple will make us wait a little longer for the iPhone 5. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market giving it number one customer satisfaction for smartphones. The new model can now soon be purchased from UK networks. The options available are contract phones, pay and you go and SIM free phones for which iPhone 4S SIM only deals will be available. The iPhone 4S uses a micro SIM which is the same as the iPhone 4.

Compare all >> iPhone SIM only deals <<

3 Mobile SIM onlyThree mobile offers the best iPhone 4S plans with unlimited internet. 3 The One Plan includes 2000 minutes - 3000 texts and all you can eat data for £25
Vodafone SIM onlyChoose a tariff with 250MB to 1GB of mobile browsing for the iPhone 4S. Deals are available from 30 days to 12 month contracts. You also get 750MB of BT OpenZone Wi-Fi access.
Orange SIM onlyThe Orange Dolphin package for £25 gives you 600 minutes and unlimited texts together with unlimited Wi-Fi, you also get Orange Magic Numbers.
O2 SIM onlyO2 iPhone 4S SIM only deals are available with different data packages to fit your need. With the 12 month deals you can even get £5 off per month.

Here are the latest features of the iPhone 4S


There are hundreds of features available in the iOS 5 operating system many of which were tested by the Apple developers early on. Most notable features are the unobtrusive notifications, which allow you to continue to work or play. All notifications can also be pulled up with one swipe now. iMessage which supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. iMessage allows you to send unlimited text messages using Wi-Fi or 3G and also send documents, videos and contacts.

The iCloud Service

iCloud allows the synchronisation of your content across multiple mobile Apple devices including the Mac. This can be from documents to pictures, contacts and your music files. This is done via Apple’s remote servers. Mobile devices no longer have to be connected to a Mac to sync your files and they are seamlessly copied to other devices using Apples cloud service.

Intelligent Assistant

Using technology Apple acquired from Siri in 2010. Apple now has voice integration with the iPhone. You are able to search the web and find services using voice commands.  In their demonstration you can find local restaurants and you can even reply to texts and schedule appointments. The personal assistant is proactive and will help you find the right answers and complete tasks that you want to accomplish. This is a hands free technology that will really set Apple apart from the competition and is one of the showcase features of the iPhone 4S.


The iPhone 4S uses the same external design as the iPhone 4 but inside it contains a powerful A5 chip which contains a dual core processor. According to Apple it is twice as fast and seven times faster in graphic operations compared to the iPhone 4. This should see faster and smoother games.

For those that our looking to buy the iPhone out of contract iPhone 4S SIM only deals will be available from UK mobile networks. With iPhone 4S SIM only you get short contract lengths and networks like 3 Mobile offer unlimited data on The One Plan.  The same plans for the iPhone 4 will be suitable for iPhone 4S.

World Phone

The iPhone 4S is a world phone, it is designed for both GSM and CDMA networks which mean the iPhone can be used globally. For the business user and those that travel abroad to different destinations this is beneficial as they will not require two phones as they go from GSM networks which are primarily in Europe to CDMA networks which are found in Africa, Asia and in some regions of the US. For international SIM only users or pre paid users they can go to any country and buy a SIM card and not worry that the SIM will not work. By getting a local SIM card they can avoid roaming charges as they will only pay the local network rate for calling abroad.

Review of SIM Only Deals for 2011

Sales of SIM only deals have seen promising start to the beginning of 2011. We have seen some exciting deals from all major UK networks. There have also been some reversals of features available on tariffs, to the loss of UK consumers. We also look at some of the current best SIM only deals for 2011 that are available.

mobile networks ukWe start of with the explosion of smart phones being made available. With both cheap and expensive Android phones on the market, data usage is must to have with any of these types of mobile phones including iPhones.

The first mobile network we look at is Three mobile. The One Plan from Three mobile is the clear winner here with unlimited data. This plan gives you piece of mind browsing together with 2000 minutes of calls. We have seen recently with The One Plan change from a 12 month tariff to a 30 day rolling contract. This change should see a lot more uptake from consumers sitting on the fence because of the previous long contract.

O2 have also made a significant change this year too, by the addition of different data packages to all O2 Simplicity deals. The following packages are now available to add with their O2 Simplicity SIM only deals.

  • The Basics – additional 100MB
  • The All-Rounder – additional 500MB and unlimited UK Wi-Fi plus 20 MMS
  • The Works – additional 1GB data, Unlimited UK Wi-Fi plus 50 MMS

Besides this change, tethering is now included with all data allowances. Our clear favourite is the 12 month plans, which offer more cross network minutes. Applying for the deal from their website is also far clearer and easier. O2 have also offered £50 high street vouchers and Amazon vouchers to sign-ups on their 12 month deals.

T-Mobile downgraded their available data allowance from 1GB to 500MB, as of February this year on their flexible booster add-on. This caused bit of stir with their customers. Nevertheless T-Mobile offer great value contracts and we hope that they bring out a truly unlimited deal to compete with Three Mobiles, The One Plan.

Vodafone are clearly looking to capture many consumers with fantastic deals. We have seen tariffs that offer free mobiles with 12 month deals and voucher codes to get 3 months half price line rental. Vodafone appear to have the best SIM only deals in the mid range tariffs with competitive pricing and features.

Our surprise cheap SIM only offering is from Talkmobile, although they have increased the price now to £8 from £5 on their cheapest deal. This deal is now available with 200 minutes and 500 texts on a 30 day contract, with those on a budget.

With greater variety of plans and features available, most will find a tariff that suits their mobile usage needs. Switching to SIM only is certainly an option for phone users looking to save, as there are now more competitively priced offers available.

O2 International Extras Add Additional countries To International SIM only calling

Calling countries not listed in O2 International Favourites bolt on

There is a new service from O2 called International Extras. Currently O2’s International Favourites (bolt on) does not include calling to certain countries. These countries are listed below.  If you are an existing O2 customer you can now take advantage of calling friends and families abroad from your O2 mobile.

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Nigeria
  • Iraq
  • Ghana
  • Bulgaria

Can I call both landlines and mobiles with O2 International Extras?

You can call both landlines and mobiles to the above countries, as other international plans are specific whether you can call a mobile number.  To be able to receive this service you are required to send a premium text to O2 with the amount of calls that you require.  For example if you wanted to spend £5 calling Bangladesh,  you would text Bangladesh5 to 80282 this would entitle you to receive 125 minutes. You are charged either £5 or £10 depending on what you have chosen.  You will need to of course ensure that you have credits available before sending the text.  You have to make the calls within 30 days as the minutes do not roll over.

CountryCost £5Cost £10
Pakistan100 minutes
Text country keyword:
Pakistan5 to 80282
210 minutes
Text country keyword:
Pakistan10 to 80282
Sri Lanka50 minutes
Text country keyword:
SriLanka5 to 80282
You get 120 minutes
Text country keyword:
SriLanka10 to 80282
Bangladesh125 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bangladesh5 to 80282
260 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bangladesh10 to 80282
Nigeria60 minutes
Text country keyword:
Nigeria5 to 80282
130 minutes
Text country keyword:
Nigeria10 to 80282
Iraq40 minutes
Text country keyword:
Iraq5 to 80282
100 minutes
Text country keyword:
Iraq10 to 80282
Ghana25 minutes
Text country keyword:
Ghana5 to 80282
55 minutes
Text country keyword:
Ghana10 to 80282
Bulgaria15 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bulgaria5 to 80282
35 minutes
Text country keyword:
Bulgaria10 to 80282

(Special promotion of double minutes are available for limited time to all countries listed)

What If I do not have a O2 mobile phone with contract?

Further international SIM only deals are available here if you are not currently with O2.  Making international calls is now available from other UK networks too.  Vodafone, Three Mobile, Orange and Talkmobile and Tmobile have international SIM only plans available so that you can call abroad.

Can I make international calls with my O2 Simplicity plan to other countries?

If your country is not listed above then you can add the O2 International Favourite bolt on and receive up to 3000 minutes of calls to three land line numbers around the world for £10.21 or call five numbers for £20.42 and also receive additional 200 minutes of calls to mobiles to your five international destinations.

O2 have 60 destinations that you can call with International Favourites.  Select the O2 SIM only deal of your choice and add the International Favourite to your tariff.




3 SIM only The One Plan now available on 30 day contract

Three Mobile have now made available The One Plan on a 30 day rolling contract.

This SIM only tariff was initially available only on a twelve month plan.  It is now available on a 30 day rolling contract.

Here is the tariff details of The One Plan with All-you-can-eat-data.

  • 2000 minutes
  • 5000 texts
  • All-you-can-eat Data
  • 5000 Three-to-Three minutes
  • Voicemail
  • Free PAYG SIM for a friend

With unlimited data on The One Plan SIM only you can fully take advantage of your smart phone, with this all rounded tariff that will suit most.  The 12 month contract is also available but you will have to contact Three mobile.

The 30 day contract of The One Plan does not at the moment include free tethering only the 12 month plan does.  Update Three have now confirmed that you are now able to tether, as their was some confusion earlier.  Only the pay as you go SIM only 15 will not allow you to tether although you do get all-you-can-eat-data for upto 30 days.

This is by far the best tariff to get if you have a iPhone or Android phone.  The 30 day plan is available until the 31st of May.  You can also compare the latest 3 SIM only deals here.

SIM only deals can help reduce the cost of your mobile phone bills

Save money with a SIM only deal

You can’t help notice the tightening up of belts in recent times and yes, the first items to be slashed are considered luxury items. Mobile phone bills are dubious in this respect, no longer considered a luxury and more commonly a necessity – how can we reduce the bill without reducing our talk time.  Yep, you’ve read my mind, ‘Sim only deals’ is your answer! No need to slash those conversations or reduce data downloads on mobiles as SIM only provide perfect deals for everyone, whether you’re a texter or a talker or both.  Recently Bill monitor had analysed 28,417 phone bills and made a comparison of how much each person was actually using.

Network providers usually charge for paper billing, and usually say it’s free to check on-line but how many of us ever do this? Not many people I know even remember how to do it. However now may be the time to change the habit of a lifetime and actually check what you are charged for on your bills.

We as humans perceive ourselves to be using more than we actually do. It works both ways, we either over estimate how much we’ll use or underestimate this. Moreover both ways lead to us as consumers paying more than we should be. Still unsure of how much you actually use? Luckily this is not difficult to find out, you can call your network provider and they can tell you exactly how much you spend talking, texting and also how much data you use.

It makes sense to go for SIM only deals if your contract is up or if you are paying too much in top-ups or you don’t regularly check your bills.  If you are PAYG phone user you can easily convert to a SIM only deal if your usage has increased. If you find that you are continually topping up or purchasing larger denomination of top-up more often, you can certainly get better deals with a SIM only contract.

Here are some of the benefits of SIM only deals

  • No long contracts, terminate by giving 30 days notice
  • Keep your existing number
  • Easily switch to different network provider
  • Keep your existing handset
  • Get better deal on the mobile plans

Most users only use a fraction of the features of their phones and some are baffled by new technology, like the set top box you can never figure out how to get it to record a scheduled programme. Why not reuse that old handset and save hundreds by switching now.

It is up to you to make the change and get a better deal and save money too boot as the networks are happy to take your money and not offer you the best deals.

3 Mobile offer competitive and unique SIM only deals

Three mobile offer very competitive SIM only deals.  With 3 SIM only The One plan includes unlimited data in the tariff. For smarthphone users this is great bonus as they dont have to worry about exceeding bandwidth, there is also the added benefit of the inclusion of free tethering.

Business mobile tariffs help to reduce expenditure and provide greater flexibility when you choose business mobile phone plans

Can choosing the right business mobile tariff help reduce costs?

When you start up a business you have to make many decisions which set the course of your future business.  One item, which is both essential and necessary in this technological environment, is the humble phone, whether it is a fixed phone or a mobile.  The mobile phone allows you to call your contacts, arrange meetings, and when necessary look at the web for information that you may require.  You must therefore consider choosing the right tariff for your business mobile needs.  Making the right choices early on can helping reduce costs if you are a new start up and ensure your business survives in this competitive environment.

I have many short term contract employees, what plans should I be looking at?

If you are running a business where your staff turnover is high or you may have many temporary employees that require a phone plan.  The ideal solution would be to a get business SIM only deal.  These deals are short contracts that you can cancel by giving a 30 day notice.

Should I go for a new business mobile contract?

t-mobile business mobile sim onlyIf you do not already have handsets that you can apply for a business SIM only deal. Our best suggestion is to go for a T-mobile business contract with handset.  T-mobile in their research has found that SME prefer not to be bound by long term contracts.  It makes more sense to have shorter contracts that are more flexible for small businesses.

T-Mobile is also the first to bring out a six months business plan with a free phone.  The mobile handset can also be upgraded after the initial 6 month contract period for a newer model.  Plans are also available in 18 month and 24 month contracts giving you greater flexibility and choice.

What options do I have in the tariff?

When choosing the right business plan you also get a choice of inclusive add on from the networks.  T-Mobile have named their add on Flexible boosters and O2 have named them Bolt ons.  The choice of add on that you choose will give you extra on top of the feature of the allowance.  If your tariff has a standard 250 texts, with the inclusive text add on you can boost that to 3000 texts.  These can generally be changed on a monthly basis to the requirements of you business needs.  Other add on can also be included in your tariff at extra cost.  Alternatively you can also try Vodafone Business tariffs.

Grow your business by reducing expenditure

Small to medium businesses now have a greater flexibility in the choice on contracts that they wish to go for, thanks to the mobile networks listening to the needs of their customers.  As the mobile network operators continually change tariffs you can easily switch to another network once you have given your notice period.  Business SIM only deals are advantageous as businesses can save costs from the start and have the flexibility to change allowances as the business needs change.

Feel free to leave a comment, as to which business mobile tariffs you opted for in your business.